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GAP Green Application

In the light of the global imperative to use our resources with great responsibility, the GAP Green innovation competition aims to support innovations that more effectively manage the use of water and energy by citizens and enterprises in Gauteng, whilst ensuring the preparedness and adaptability of the broader population to the effects of climate change and increased competition and associated costs for essential resources.

Mainstream adoption of green technologies
This year we are seeking strong technical solutions from universities and research institutes but also specifically invite submissions related to grassroots, community and social innovations.

GAP Green Entry Form – 2019

Note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required and the word limit for each field is indicated in brackets. (CLOSES 31 MAY 2019)

Email this form and relevant attachments (incl. supporting diagrams or pictures up to 6MB filesize) to GAPGREEN@theinnovationhub.com

  • Section: Personal/Contact Details

  • Section: Operating Address/Where are you based?

  • Business Concept or Innovation

  • (Only 1 concept per application)
  • Describe your innovative concept or technology* (300 words)
  • What is the main problem or opportunity you are addressing? (300 words)
  • In what area is your technology or organisation?*
    Which option best describes your stage of development?*
  • Market Information and Impact

  • What are similar products or services and who are your main competitors?* (150 words)
  • Why is your approach different or unique and why is it better than other products, services or models?* (150 words)
  • Have you done any market research and who do you think will be the main users of your product or service?* (150)
  • How do you plan to support the idea financially or make money from this innovation?* (150 words)
  • What is the anticipated social impact from your innovation or business such as jobs created, increased competitiveness of local industry, healthier citizens, more effective or efficient service delivery by government?* (150)
  • Implementation Information

  • How far developed is your innovation, and how long before you expect to implement at your first customer or community?* (150)
  • Why are you entering this competition and how will winning seed funding and incubation benefit the development of your innovation, business or organisation?* (150)
    What are your development support needs?*
  • What education, work or business experience do you and any members of your team have?* (150)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.